Detailed Portrait by Drawtism!

Detailed Portrait by Drawtism!

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Purchase of a Custom personalised Drawtism drawing!

"thank you! a true one-off!" - everyone

if you want to have your picture 'drawed', then look no further.

have your detailed portrait 'drawed' by me, Drawtism; or have a friend/family member(s) (or even pet) 'drawed' by me for a truly one-off birthday or christmas present!  magic!

pick a catchphrase or have me surprise you with one.

once you have processed your order just send an email to '' with a picture or 2 of yourself/the person that you want 'drawed'

all detailed portraits are printed on A3 Card and are hand signed.

every detailed portrait comes with some surprise goodies also.

so you can officially #StayDrawed 🐭✍️