Hand signed original by Drawtism!

Hand signed original by Drawtism!

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Ever really enjoyed a comic so bad, that you wished you could have an 8x10 sized physical copy to hang in your house? 
..but not only that, you have a deep desire that the original artist of the comic had caressed the paper with his crayon covered hands...?

well your luck is in!

Hand signed by me, comic of YOUR choice!
i will get the comic printed in exceptinoally high quality, to then lay it down gently and vandalise the corner of it with my name. no genric ink printed signature, but a hand written scribble on every single one!

upon purchasing please email me with your choice of comic and your order number.
(if you wanted a special message on it also, please let me know when you email)

many thanks!
DRaWtiSM x

prints are 8x10 and will be send via tracked delivery.
frame not included to help keep the postage/shipping low!